Real Results of Curb Appeal Suggestions

It’s one thing to read tips and tricks to getting your home ready for the real estate market, it’s quite another to actually see before/after pictures to demonstrate results. In this and following blogs, I’m going to demonstrate results of suggestions to the various areas that are important to pay attention to.



There was a time when curb appeal was your first impression but we all know this is not the case anymore because your online photos are now. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook though. The minute the for sale sign is posted on the property, people driving by will be judging it, as well as potential buyers who saw it online and want to check it out before arranging for a viewing.


First impressions of the property’s exterior should be that of a “welcome home”.   The home shown below, was only four years old at the time but it didn’t appear that way upon arrival.  It’s enough that winter makes the landscape look dead but the front deck being worn combined with dark colors made this house look old and tired.


Upon completing the list of recommendations, this property received an offer on the first viewing; within three days!


v  Spring allowed for the opportunity to lighten up the color scheme on this house.   The dark Hunter Green color was not only dating the house but made a dark and unwelcoming impression. 

 v  Changing shutters, decking and painting the door a gray/blue colour updated and freshened up the overall look and feel.  The gray/blue stairway draws the eye up to what should be a focal point, the front door.

 v  Painting the railings white created balance, brightened up the front and allowed the door to become a focal point.

 v  Coordinate hardware such as light fixtures, numbers, door handles, locks, and a kick plate to add richness and “bling”; like jewelry on a suit.

 v  The house number should always be seen from the road and illuminated at night. In this case, a large brass number (matching the rest of the hardware) was installed on a painted blue/grey board to make it stand out.

 v  Expanding size of the garden not only allowed for more colour but also is more to scale of the house and can be better seen from the road.


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I hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you do differently? 

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