Real Results of Staging Suggestions: Hallways & Closets

Hallways and Stairways

It is important buyers concentrate on viewing the house and not where they are walking.  It’s best to simplify the space and keep main traffic areas free of obstructions.  Use one object on the wall at the end of the hallway to give a sense of depth. Anything on the side walls will make the walls feel as though they are closing in.


If a home is staged properly, a potential buyer will feel comfortable and open doors, which is great because you want them to emotionally move in and chances of that happening increases the longer they stay in the home.

It may be tempting to stash away unorganized items into a closet but buyers will open doors so it is not recommended you use them to hide or store belongings.  Sample one displays a closet in a spare/guest room.  Sample two is a closet in a bedroom where there is just enough clothing to display its available space. 

Linen closets should be pared down to accommodate linens used frequently and the remainder packed for the move.  Display items as you would see in a department store.  Its neatness will give the impression the home is well loved.


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I hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you do differently? 

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