Real Results of Staging Suggestions: The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the primary areas of a house expected to be great.  It should be updated, stylish, spacious, practical and absolutely spotless.  The buyer needs to be able to imagine preparing meals; you are selling a lifestyle in the kitchen. Removing everyday items from counters will prevent them from thinking about chores and enable them to imagine joyous events, like holidays or having friends and family over for dinner.

If you have a kitchen that looks like it may need an update, some quick and inexpensive options can make a world of difference.

  1. Change the hardware
  2. Install a back splash
  3. Update the countertop
  4. Update light fixtures
  5. Update sink and faucet
  6. For added wow factor, install drawer/cupboard organizers like found in the example below.
  7. Update the flooring; ceramic is preferred but vinyl should fine depending on the price point of the house. A higher priced home will be expected to have finer finishes.
  8. Painting the kitchen cupboards is a good option depending on the target market and price point. A higher priced home will be expected to have professionally finished workmanship. Rustoleum’s Kitchen Transformations is a kit complete with everything you need. The best results come from most extensive prep work so if you aren’t prepared to put in a lot of effort in preparing it properly, hire a professional.

Some of these suggestions were used in the following example; a house listed for $384,900:





This kitchen was completed in stages to ultimately receive an offer on the first viewing, only 3 days after being listed. Total cost to completely update was estimated at being $1700 plus DIY labour.

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I hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you do differently? 


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