Real Results of Staging Suggestions: The Living Room

This is part three of an 11 part series of real results of home staging case scenarios.


The Living Room

Second to the entranceway, the living room leaves an important impression; setting up expectations of the remainder of the house.  It is important potential buyers instantly feel at home. Arrange the furniture in an intimate conversation area but that also accommodates traffic flow.

Two very distinct goals are priority: easy traffic flow and focal point. Buyers should be able to walk freely through the room without too much effort to watching where they’re going and layout with a focal point should enable a buyer to see all the homes’ best features immediately; you want them to be drawn to the very features that make the property special.



I used this oversized living room as an example to demonstrate what to do with oversized rooms but the “rules” generally apply to all sizes. 


Originally, the furniture in this example was arranged to try and fill the vast size of the room but resulted in a distant arrangement. It didn’t create a cozy and intimate environment and didn’t accommodate free traffic flow.  Furnishings were preventing easy access to the door leading to the deck and drapes made it difficult to determine just where that door was.  The new arrangement with two focal points emphasized the size of the room and allowed attention to the beautiful lake view and fireplace.


This first photo was the first impression from entry into the room.

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I hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you do differently? 

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