Spring/Summer Exterior Maintenance

REPLACE rotten siding or trim ... If you can easily push a screwdriver into any wood, chances are it is due for replacement.

CLEAN gutters and downspouts ... Make sue downspouts channel water away from the foundation.

CLEAN silt off windowsills ... Silt on windowsills encourages water accumulation, which can lead to expensive decay problems.

TEST automatic garage door openers ... Make sure the automatic reverse safety feature works correctly.

PRESSURE wash decking, driveway and walkways

CUT back any foliage that comes into contact with your home.  Any plants that touch your home create an avenue that pests can use to invade your home.

TAKE stock of your curb appeal ... Are there things you should do this summer to spruce up the appearance of your home?  Colours, condition, style and flow are all important to maintain or accelerate the value and enjoyment of your home.

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