Spring market is upon us and looking so good.

Is it the lovely weather or are buyers confident in the marketplace?  Probably a little of both.  With rates so low and the number of beautiful homes on the market, it is wonderful to see buyers coming out and purchasing homes.  I am so pleased to see most sellers really prepare their homes for viewings.  No clutter, freshly painted and staged to really show off the home.  Lights on, warm and cozy with a pleasant scent.  All the things buyers notice when they first walk in the door.  The homes that are ready for viewings with attention to small details looked after, are the first ones to get the offers.  You can't make a first impression the second time around so that initial first step into the home is so important.  Most buyers make up their minds in 30 seconds whether they are interested or not.  It starts with the curb appeal and continues to the front door.  If it appeals to them by then, then you see it in their eyes as they walk through room to room whether this one has them interested.  It seems daunting to a seller to have the house "show ready" all the time but when selling a home, it makes the difference of having it sell quickly or having it sit on the market.  Buyers are also very aware of the price and where they look at many homes before they pick their favorites for second viewings, price is still the prime factor in their decision.  So price it right, have it ready and wait for the offer.

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