Text Messaging

It's a pretty sure bet that you have a cell phone.  What about texting - do you use it?  If you don't, consider yourself a very small minority.

Surveys show that by the second quarter of 2008, text messages had exceeded the number of cell phone calls by an impressive margin.  And, it's not just teenagers - the facts show that every age group up through 44 years old sent more text messages than they made cell phone voice calls. 

The plain truth is that text messaging is becoming a wildly popular way to exchange information.

With that being said, our company has chosen to take our marketing efforts to that level.  For each residential listing with our company, the buying cosumer can gain instant access to information by simply sending a text message to a code that matches the house that is of interest.  No more trying to remember the address of all the properties they see while out for a drive and then trying to find it on the internet. 

We see this as a great service to our seller clients - the more information we can get out to potential buyers, in the quickest possible way can only enhance our ability to find the right buyer for that house.

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