The Best Way to Improve Home Value through Renovations

The Best Way to Improve Home Value through Renovations



Home renovations that add value whether small or big are a significant way of improving the value of your home. Minor changes done to a property may increase its value. However, it is crucial to choose the best kind of renovations to undertake. Carrying out unnecessary renovations is quite expensive since it will add little value to your house. Here are some of the best renovation tips to improve the value of your home.
Remodeling the kitchen

The kitchen is considered as a heart of a home by most people. Due to this reason, making house renovations that increase value on the kitchen will pay off. You should avoid going overboard; just make the kitchen fancier than the neighborhood. If you plan to sell your house within five years, it is important to consider potential buyers while making improvements in your kitchen. Most people may not pay for a deluxe or a fancy kitchen. 

One of the most crucial things to consider when you want to improve your kitchen is the color of the room. Fresh paint and modern colors can play a very significant role in updating how your kitchen looks. Painting is a relatively cheap activity, but its outcome is enormous. You may also consider using low-VOC paint that makes a kitchen more eco-friendly. This paint helps you avoid breathing dangerous chemicals such as benzene and off-gas from the standard fresh paints.

Nobody wants to spend an unrealistic amount of money on electricity bills. Replace old appliances with models that are more energy-efficient. Energy Star-rated lights and other appliances are environment-friendly because they use little energy. This helps you save money. When you shop for a home, you often look for a way to save money. Doing house renovations that increase value is a direct way to attract clients. 

Bathroom addition

Homes with only one bathroom are not attractive to most people. By adding bathrooms, you can reap a lot from it. If you want to find a space for constructing extra bathrooms, look at any underutilized spaces or extra rooms. You may also consider other areas such as closets and under the stairs. If you want to construct a half-bath, you need a minimum of 18 square feet. For a full bath with stand-up showers, 30 square feet are enough to the bathroom done. For a bathtub, ensure that space has a minimum area of 35 square feet. 

Like most projects, the amount of money that you spend on renovating bathrooms depends on the types of accessories and additions you want to use. The cost of each of the additions and accessories differs. Some of them are quite expensive while cheap ones still exist. As you go shopping, do a comparison of the quality and price of items offered by different suppliers. You may get a good deal on doors, sinks, tubs and fixtures.

Reinventing a room

Adding square footage to a house can be an expensive project. If not done with care and proper research, increasing the size of your house can go out of control regarding expenses. The contractors and homeowners may face unexpected challenges if this happens. It is, therefore, important to be keen on the amount of space you want to add and the money needed to make the improvement. You may also consider reinventing the space that already exists in your house to save money. Change the attic into a bedroom or finish a basement. Other homeowners may add apartments in their garages. The added small apartments can be rented out as rooms. 

Before demolishing the rafters and walls, you need to think of ways, which a potential buyer can make use of the space. It is worth noting that a versatile room has a greater appeal to most buyers. Basements are mostly used as game rooms or second living rooms. Some people may convert this space into an apartment. Attic spaces are also suitable areas for game-rooms or craft rooms especially if ceilings are high. If you have small kids, adding swings to the rafters and creating a play room for them adds a lot of value to a house. One of the best ways of renovating your home is beautifully tiled floor, learn more from here.


Energy-Efficient Windows

Another way of house renovation that increases value is using energy-efficient windows. These days, when most people are shopping for homes, they consider energy efficiency. Drafty, old and single paned windows are not appealing to most people. Adding Energy efficient windows can help you save as much as $500 annually in cooling and heating costs. This makes the house more energy efficient and environment-friendly. If you invest in windows that are energy-efficient, you can save a lot of money monthly. By this upgrade, you can receive ten percent of green energy tax credit. Doing such energy-efficient adjustments can help you qualify for credits from your utility company or state. Everybody would like to have an energy efficient house not only to save on bills, but also because it is environment-friendly. This kind of renovation will save you a lot of money in future. 


Adding a deck

Deck addition increases the value of your house. Outdoor living spaces are breathtaking especially when you want to breathe some fresh air when you are home on vacation or want to watch nature. If you make your backyard or house more appealing, your home will be appealing to potential buyers. Adding decks add a lot of value to your home especially if you want to sell it. Adding a deck to your house varies depending on the type. It varies in size, flower pots, whistles and bells you need and stairs among others. The cost of adding a deck also depends on the materials and design used. If you do the work by yourself, you can save as much as half the cost of the whole project. However, constructing a deck is not easy so you need certain tools that might be expensive. This is among the best renovations to increase home value. 

In case you want to have a contractor does the job, shop around for different people and choose the best. Ensure that the contractors give you, at least, three quotes. Check the references for those contractors before you sign an agreement with them. Also, be keen to watch for scams on home improvement repair. 

Renovations need serious planning so they must be undertaken with great care. If you make the right choice on the type of home renovations that add value, you will enjoy better living as well as increased value of your home. Those are some of the best renovations to increase home value. Hopefully, they will help you make informed decisions in case you plan to renovate your home.


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