The Law of Supply and Demand

The Market is a place where Buyers and Sellers meet to exchange something ...

... Increased demand = increased prices

... Decreased demand = decreased prices

... Decreased supply = increased prices

... Increased supply = decreased prices

In real estate the Market dictates the value of the house ... Not just the buyer ... Not just the seller ... Certainly not the real estate agent

The point when a Seller and a Buyer agree to exchange a house for a certain amount of money is called "Market Value" 

Houses that are overpriced don't sell and often houses that are underpriced will get multiple offers ... That is the market doing its thing!

Buyers Market or Sellers Market can be different in different areas and/or subdivisions within the same city.  Need to know where you fit?

For advise on what is going on in your market, contact a real estate agent and have them guide you through the steps of selling and/or buying


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