Thinking About Selling Your Home This Winter?

Winter is such a gloomy time of the year and it gives people a thought that maybe it’s time for a change!After all, they say that change is good!

To sell your home in the cold winter months, you will want to have your home fresh and warm.Bright and cheery!If you do it right, your home can really stand out against all odds.

Some small but helpful tips are as follows:

  • Keep your home “warm” in both temperature and make it cozy!Who doesn’t like a lit fireplace?If you have one, and you leave before your viewing, put the fire place on and have it lit when your potential buyers come in.It provides heat and gives people an image of themselves relaxing in front of the fire.If you don’t have a fireplace, turn the heat up a bit so potential buyers will be comfortable when they come in.People who find it cold in the house are less likely to stick around.
  • Scents are always welcome, but make it smell like a home.Bake some cookies or a loaf of bread to come out of the stove within the hour of your potential home buyers walking in.Leave a few cookies or a couple slices of fresh bread covered on the counter for them to try when they come through.Gives them the sense of eating at home.
  • Set out some fresh flowers and replace them before they die.A bright splash of color will add a bit if happiness and feeling of summer during a cold day.
  • As some showings are not able to have daylight in the winter months, ensure that your lamps and fixtures are cleaned and have new bulbs in them to have optimum light in your home.For the daylight viewings, ensure that the winter muck and snow has been removed from your windows and have the curtains and blinds drawn up to let as much natural light in as possible.
  • Keep your driveway and walkways clear of ice and snow.If your home can not be accessible easily, without a fear of falling on ice, or to have to climb snow banks to get into the home, you may chase away the potential buyer with negativity.Keep it as well maintained as you can.Lots of shovelling and lots of salt to keep the ice at bay!If at all possible, brush the salt off to the side (pending the ice is all gone) just before your viewing so your potential buyers do not slip on the pebbles of salt.

Good luck and happy selling!

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