Where to Start if You're Considering Home Staging

Living RoomI think we are all beginning to realize there is a new standard to selling real estate and it is in large part due to home staging.  It is becoming increasingly popular and homeowners seem to be more open to the concept of preparing their home for sale.  However, real estate agents and stagers know it is hard to get a seller to truly understand what it means to stage a home.  The following will help in that understanding:

If you want to sell yourLiving Room home quickly, you first and foremost need to:

  1. Detach your emotions from your house!
  2. Realize you are selling a commodity, a product to be marketed.
  3. Understand who your potential buyer is; your target market.
  4. Stage the property to appeal to your target market.

Remember, if they feel at home, they will buy your home.

 If you want to sell your home for more money:

  1. Look at the house from a buyer's point of view or have a 3rd party go through it and write a "To Do" list.
  2. Get to work.  Potential buyers are looking for "move in ready" houses.  If your home is outdated, invest in upgrading.  Also, if there are many little things neglected, it will send a message to the potential buyer the house was not well cared for.
  3. If time, money and energy is limited, focus on updating the primary areas: Curb Appeal, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom and Master Bedroom.

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