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When you believe you have ‘found’ the perfect property to purchase …. Congratulations that was the easy part … now the hard work starts to ensure you ACTUALLY have a good buy in your hands.

The concept of Due Diligence is different in everyone’s mind, however, there are minimum levels of banking requirements PLUS others you should always do to protect yourself.  This process is the most important information to understand before you proceed further with financing.

In this month’s event we are going to discuss the aspects of walking through the process of moving forward into the UNKNOWN.  This talk is deep in content, intense, full of ALL the information required to understand the due diligence process.

 We will be reviewing the processes of DUE DILIGENCE including:

-       Property Costing (determining as is / post value)

-       Environmental (Phase 1 / Phase 2 and more)

-       Engineering reports (Building Condition Assessment reports)

-       Appraisals (Commercial & residential)

-       Due Diligence Checklists

As you can imagine …. access to this information is both HIGHLY VALUABLE and necessary to understand.   We will have actual reports on site to thumb through and understand the process PLUS representatives from companies providing services.   Information is shared in a viewing only at the event and will require SIGN UP for the event in order to attend.

Look forward to seeing you on March 5, 2014


Patrick Johnston

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