Selling and/or buying a home can be one of the most challenging experiences many people face.  The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming the process will be.

You should be looking for comprehensive services from your real estate professional.  We know and understand that you want to sell your home quickly, at the right price, and with as few worries as possible.  At the same time, we also understand that when buying, you want the absolute most for your money spent.

Your Century 21 Trident Realty professional understands the market and is trained and committed to answering all of your questions and providing a high quality of service and expert advice.

The market is always changing and it helps to understand how market conditions affect your position. 


As A Seller: 

Efforts to improve the appearance of your house can contribute greatly to it's marketing success: 

Unclutter - makes your rooms appear larger

Cleaning - makes it easier for buyers to see that it is well cared for

Repairing - handle those items before the buyer can see them as a problem

Neutralizing - decor that is neutral is more appealing to buyers


As a buyer:

Let us help you with your research - how much house can you buy based on your home buying budget? What area(s) best reflect the needs of your family?

When you have chosen the property you want to offer on, let us get a history on the property and the area.  Use a professional structural inspector and carefully review the PCDS provided by the seller.

How much money is needed to close your transaction - Besides the purchase price, buyers need to be aware of the other fees, which would include: legal fees, tax adjustments, deed transfer tax, insurance, utilities, and moving costs.  For re-sale homes this could these costs can easily add 3 to 5%.


There are many more tips that your Real Estate Professional can share with you to help maximize the marketing power of your property or the purchasing power of your dollar.

At Century 21 Trident Realty Ltd. we work extra hard to ensure your real estate transaction is successfully concluded with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family.

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Buying a home is probably one of the biggest investments you will make.  It's an exciting time full of promise and anticipation.

You have selected the home of your dreams and the financing has been arranged.
Your next step is a very important one - choosing a local home inspection company you can trust.
Killick Inspection is a Maritime company built on quality and committed to providing a service above and beyond industry standards.

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