Is Your Home Ready for Our Nova Scotia Winter?

We all know we need to prepare our properties for winter inside and out. Some things we think of automatically and others a reminder helps. Inside the home just little things can make it more comfortable over the winter months. Here are a couple suggestions. Checkout your heating systems or have it inspected to assure it is in top notch order. Make sure you have clean such areas as behind the fridge & stove from dust bunnies build up. Make sure all the seals on your windows are good to help keep heating costs down. If you use ceiling fans throughout the home now is a good time to reverse them so you are circulating air to help heat the home more efficiently.

Outside little things as well can make a more comfortable winter. Make sure to turn off outside faucets and put the hoses away for the season. Gutters nobody likes to do them but they help keep things flowing when not cluttered with leaves and small branches that fall from nearby trees. Check the roof for loose or missing shingles before the snow  flies. Do a check on all outside doors to make sure they are still sealing properly to keep the weather out. Stock up on sand and salt or whatever your preference to keep the driveway and walkways clear from ice and snow.

Enjoy the Season!

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