Wondering How to Decrease Your Power Bill?

Did you know that you can do several things yourself to keep your power bill down?  Here's some helpful hints!

1)  Ensure the condenser coils on your fridge are good and clean!  These are found on the back or under side of your fridge and is what the fridge uses to transfer heat out of the fridge. These coils naturally collect dust, dirt and pet fur, and can become coated quite quickly depending on your home.  When the coils are covered in dirt, the fridge has to work harder to release the heat and in turn costs you more money on your power bill.  As a general rule of thumb, you should clean the coils at least twice a year using a brush or vacuum.  To ensure that you are properly cleaning, you may want to consider looking at the owner’s manual for manufacturer suggested cleaning instructions.

2)  Get rid of old appliances and replace them with newer, more efficient appliances.  Did you know that NS Power will give you $30 towards this?  They have a program meant for just this called the Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Appliance Retirement Program.  Call them as get more details!  Who doesn't like free money?

3)  Clean or replace the filter in your furnace every 1-2 months.  A dirty filter reduces the airflow and forces the furnace to run longer to heat your home.

4)  When you do your laundry, switch to cold water and ensure that you are washing full loads!  As well, whenever possible, hang your clothes out to dry, not only does this save money on your dryer bill, but it also smells great!

5) Install low-flow shower heads and facets.  You might even want to consider purchasing a toilet that has the low flush.

These tips are meant to help you save money throughout the year!  For sure tips and questions, please contact NS Power.

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