Moving? Here's a quick list to help make it easier.

Planning in advance can make the move to your new home stress free, efficient and cost effective.
To avoid moving stress for you, your family and friends, try to break up these tasks over an eight week period. Pre-planning also gives you the opportunity to shop around and save money on your move. Here is a basic guideline to get you started thinking about your next big move!

8 weeks Before
• Get estimates from at least three professional movers. If you’re planning to do it yourself, get estimates on rental trucks and maybe talk to a few friends.
• Decide what you’ll be taking, tossing, and replacing. This is a great opportunity to clean house or have a yard sale.
• If you’re moving to another city, contact the Chamber of Commerce for a New Resident packet, and ask your agent for information. We specialize in relocation assistance. 

6 Weeks Before

• Inventory your non-furniture possessions – kitchenware, decorative items, electronics, apparel and so on.
• Complete a change of address form with the post office. For a fee they will forward mail to your new location.
• Notify organizations, credit card companies, and publications of your new address.
• Obtain copies of all your medical, dental, legal, accounting and veterinary records.
• If your children are changing schools, arrange to transfer their educational records.
• Itemize moving-related costs with your mover, including packing, loading, special charges and insurance.

4 Weeks Before
• Make arrangements for packing your belongings. If you’ll be using professionals, schedule a day or two before the move. If you’re doing the packing, be sure you have enough boxes, packing materials and tape.
• Arrange for short- or long-term storage if needed.
• Make travel arrangements for pets, including medical records, immunizations and medications.

3 Weeks Before
• Begin packing items you won’t need right away or plan to put in storage.
• Contact utilities on both ends of the move to end/turn on services on specific dates.
• Confirm travel arrangements for your family and pets.

2 Weeks Before
• Cancel newspaper and other delivery services.
• If necessary, arrange and confirm bank accounts and local services in your new neighbourhood.

1 Week Before
• Gather important papers, records, and valuables for protected shipment to your new home or a safe deposit box.
• Purchase any prescription medications you’ll need for the next few weeks.

Day Before/Day of Move
• Defrost refrigerator/freezer and give away all perishable food.
• Keep a box marked “Last Box Packed/First Box Unpacked” for tools, flashlights, first aid kit and other essentials. This should be the last box loaded on the truck.
• Pack items you’ll carry with you: valuables, financial records, personal papers and other important items.
• Give the movers a telephone number and address where they can reach you.
Moving is a big production – but with a detailed action plan, you’ll be well down the road before you ever leave for your new destination.