​ Your spring “to-do” checklist for home maintenance

The cold months are behind us, and we’re looking forward to warm, sunny days ahead but is your home prepared for the spring season?

Following a consistent schedule throughout the season to ensure you stay on top of your home maintenance and repairs can help prevent potential problems before they occur.

Consider these helpful tips for your spring maintenance plan:

  • Test all ground fault circuit interrupters in your washrooms, kitchens, outside receptacles and on the electrical panel
  • Replace your furnace filters and have a technician inspect the furnace fan belt
  • Inspect the roof visually from the ground if possible – if you have to go onto the roof, wear a safety harness or hire a contractor.
  • Clean gutters and down-pipes, and make sure downspouts and splash pads drain away from walls and foundation
  • Inspect caulking inside and out, and touch-up or replace where needed with products designed for the job
  • Clean windows and window tracks, and make sure weep holes are not blocked (including sliding door tracks – lubricate openers and track rollers with silicone spray).
  • Review flashing for damage or staining
  • Turn on the interior water supply to hose bibs and exterior faucets, and check for leaks

Remember to always put safety first. Many home maintenance tasks are better left to the professionals so be sure to hire a contractor or technician if you are not able to handle the task on your own.