6 inventions that keep the peace between hosts and guests

6 inventions that keep the peace between hosts and guests

By Samantha SextonSamantha Sexton

Adirondack wine chair

The cottage is a secluded place for some and a social-gathering spot for others. But whether you’re regularly shooing people away from your dock or inviting your extended family up on a weekly basis, you’ve likely gotten annoyed, agitated, or downright offended by a guest at least once. Cottage company isn’t always perfect. So to make sure the cottage remains a relaxing experience for you when you open your doors to guests, here are a few helpful products to help you tackle some common guest issues. 

Adirondack wine chair

At the cottage, wine glasses can be a hot commodity. Between the dock and the deck, there are plenty of opportunities for them to get broken. Save your cottage guests the embarrassment and yourself the misery of broken glasses by investing in these cool Adirondack chairs with slits to hold your drink. You can purchase them from http://winebarrelproducts.biz, or you can add a holder to your own design. 

Electronic key tagElectronic key tag

Do you have a cottage guest who always loses the boat key or hides the front-door key in the weirdest place? Cobra’s electronic key tag might be the solution for your guests and your sanity. Simply attach the wireless tag to your keys and sync it with your smartphone. When the two get separated, one can easily be found with the push of a button. More info: http://cobraphonetag.com/



Nobody likes to spend their vacation time cleaning, whether it’s in preparation for your guests or after you’ve said your goodbyes. The worst thing about some cottage visitors is the mess they leave behind. Leave the mess to Roomba, your vacuum robot. This self-directed cleaning machine works indoors and out and lifts up common things guests track into the cottage such as dust, hair, dirt, and sand. More info: http://www.irobot.com

The suspended tent

Let’s face it: sometimes your cottage guests don’t share the same sleeping schedule as you—especially if they’re a bunch of rowdy teenagers. Get them out of your hair and into the trees with a suspended, tensile tree tent. These tents are so neat that you just might want to join them. More info: http://www.tentsile.com/

Shoe hangersShoe hangers

If you’ve had a lot of people up at your cottage, you know that flip-flops can really pile up. Eliminate some of the clutter by making your own sandal hangers.Simply cut the bottom of a wire hanger and use pliers to bend your two wires into curly U’s. Decorate with paper and label “guest,” or create a personal hanger by adding friends and family members’ names so they know where to hang them up. More info: http://www.epbot.com/2011/04/hows-it-hangin-flop-tutorial.html




Have a cottage guest who’s wary about your barbequing skills? Better yet, are you worried when Uncle Al offers to cook? Fear no more, the iGrill is here to save friends and families from nasty disputes about proper cooking times. The iGrill is an app-enabled, Bluetooth meat thermometer that allows you to monitor your food temperature via your phone from up to 200 feet away. It lets you know when your food is ready, so you can focus on having a great time with your guests. More info: http://www.igrillinc.com/about.shtml

Remember, host your family and friends the way you’d like to be hosted. No guest is perfect, but having a few handy products on hand can help you enjoy what’s really important—your company.

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