Carbon Monoxide Detectors

   Tragically there were three more deaths on the weekend from Carbon Monoxide poisoning!. 
                                 The province of Ontario just passed the Hawkins-Gignac act making it mandatory for Carbon
                                  Monoxide Detectors for any building with a carbon fired heating unit ( Gas, Propane or Oil)
                                  or an attached garage. This was in memory of the Hawkins family who were all killed by
                                  carbon Monoxide poisoning in 2008. this is personal as my family is very good friends of the
                                  Gignac family.
                                 The home in the most recent deaths was equipped with smoke detectors. However when
                                 the furnace failed they used propane heaters designed for outdoor use inside.
                                 During the ice storm several people perished in Clarington when they brought the propane 
                                  BBQ in to the residence to try and use it for heat.
                                 Any device  fueled by gas, propane or nat gas that is designed for out door use must stay
                                in a well ventilated area and not used indoors under any circumstances.





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