Commuter Trains to and from Havelock, Peterborough, Toronto. Part 1

Living in Norwood and owning real estate in Havelock, I get a lot of questions regarding the Shinning Waters Railway (SWR) project and how it will effect real estate value in the area. In part one of this blog I will focus on the scope the project, the cost, funding, completion dates and other facts.

“Spearheaded by MP Dean Del Mastro, a plan has evolved to incorporate the Shining Waters Railway (SWR) as the locally owned and managed vehicle to restore passenger and improve freight service from Toronto to Peterborough, Havelock, Blue Mountain, Perth and Smiths Falls.

The SWR plan is supported by a Government of Canada capital commitment of $150 million and an equal amount from the Government of Ontario, for a total of $300 million.”

With a completion date set for the third quarter of 2014 and first run scheduled for Canada’s day 2014 from Peterborough to Toronto.

“Service frequency is expected to consist of two morning westbound/afternoon eastbound frequencies geared primarily to commuter needs from Monday through Friday. The service plan will include at least one return frequency on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. A 90-minute running time from Peterborough to Toronto is projected and the passenger station stops will be:

  • Havelock
  • Peterborough George Street;
  • Peterborough Harper Road;
  • Pontypool;
  • Myrtle;
  • Claremont;
  • Locust Hill;
  • Steeles Avenue East; and Toronto Union Station. “


Peterborough to Union Station in Toronto is estimated to cost passengers about $16.50 each way.

This a great opportunity particularly for Havelock, however while doing research for this article I found that commuter service that ran in 1987 and again 1990 ended due to extremely low passenger numbers. If you are reading this from the Havelock area, I strongly suggest supporting this endeavour by using the service, without passengers there is no need for a train.


Image Source: Metolinx Peterborough Rail Study Final report PO#1138 Feb 2010

The plan on existing rails between Havelock and Toronto sounds great to me until the Perth and Smith falls part, while this would connect us to Ottawa, Montreal and more. There does not seem to be existing tracks. Freight service between Glen Tay and Tweed was discontinued in 1971 and the line was cut back to Havelock in 1987. I have emailed SWR requesting more information and will post an update once I have a response.


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Adrian King - Sales Representative Century 21 United


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