Exterior Painting for Curb Side Appeal

Home exteriors can include Brick, Vinyl, Aluminum or Wood Siding, plus a few other options.  While sprucing up the exterior of your home and property is important to create positive curb side appeal, especially to attract potential buyers, it can sometimes seem like a daunting or impossible job.  Brick being the most permanent is obviously not a feature that changes often; however siding can be changed or improved on.  If the material is in really rough condition; splitting, warping, missing sections, then it might be time to look at replacing it.  How about when it fades and begins to 'look' warn?  With wood, we would paint it or stain it.  With vinyl or aluminum we tend to think replace it.  Why not paint it?  There are products specifically designed for painting aluminum and vinyl siding.

Benjamin Moore is one paint company that I am familiar with that does carry a product line meant specifically for painting aluminum and vinyl siding.  If you are thinking that this might be option for you then check out the link below for prep suggestions (click on "Benjamin Moore Paints" logo).  Even if you aren't thinking of doing it yourself, the guide could be helpful to compare with whomever you do decide to hire. 

I've also added a link to a YouTube ad that Benjamin Moore posted about painting vinyl siding.  It is informative; however it really is more entertaining than anything, which is why I'm adding it.  Even if you don't need to paint the exterior of your house this ad will make you smile...possibly even howl in laughter.  Enjoy :-)



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