Giving Back to a Great Community

I have just had the privilege of being part of a great up coming event. "The Chair Affair"  is a fundraiser that benefits the Buckhorn Community Center. Entrants like myself have to reclaim a chair and artfully redesign and revamp it into an artistic master piece. As soon as I seen the post on Facebook I felt compelled to do a chair and help a community like Buckhorn. They have an amazing community center with many programs to help seniors and children.  Providing programs like these are important in rural places like Buckhorn. I believe in providing services and programs to keep youth off the streets and seniors active so they can remain in their homes for as long as possible. Also the community center provides a great place to meet people in your neighborhood. Hey I can't say enough about our community center its been a great source of business.

So after I learned that fifty percent of the precedes will be going to the community center for different programs.  I immediately  went in search for a chair.  I found a very old and falling apart chair that was one hundred years old and had been brought over from Ireland. Wow a chair with history that needed remodeling my part time passion, yup the decorator in me came out at that moment. I envisioned Colour. Splashes and Splashes of colour. I might love decor but I am a horrible painter. So what now! well I decided to hide my bad painting with colour and abstract flowers and paisleys. I said to myself I will use all my favorite colours and let God guide my hand.

But first things first the repair job.... this became a family affair, my son of 11 yrs was armed with  a glue bottle, clamps and dowels. He was on cloud nine. I see a very handy man in his future for sure. Well he got it all repaired and now a very heavy person can sit on it hehehe he was thrilled he could be part of the chair.

Now a base coat hummm!! what's my favorite color.... Turquoise so yup that went on first. Then the chair started coming to life, in color of course first one then two and three. In a matter of a few days and many drops of paint on my cloths and hair I was done the painting. The last day I even had paint smeared on my face. But I wasn't all finished, I then found a great fabric that complemented the painting and low and behold after 7 days  I was done!!!!!


This morning we took our pieces down to Peterborough Square to show off to the press and each other. I couldn't believe the talent we have here in the Kawarthas and what a great community of artists that call Peterborough home. A real mix of people from all walks of life and talents. Seeing as I like to talk and its good for business I went ahead and mingled, I got to learn about how artists incorporated there other talents into the chair as well. Darn I could have made a chair out of cake hahaha.   Theres always next year. The On May 28 at Market Hall doors open at 5 pm and the chairs will be auctioned off at 7pm. Tickets are $8 Dolllars in advance or $10 at the door.

It is my hope that many of you come out and support a great event that will bring many happy smiles to a wonderful community like Buckhorn. A place I like to Call HOME!

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