Great Ideas For Christmas





1. Therapy Sacks:  We all know someone who could use some therapy! How about some stress balls or maybe a good self help book.

Maybe some coffee......lots of packets of different flavours for the stressed out cofee drinker!


2. Wooden Candy: Perfect for a dentist or that child who has continuous nagging dental issues..or your toothless granny!

Simple and easy to make this ‘Wood Candy.’

1.  Grab a 2×4 at a hardware store…or if new building is going on where you live…ask the builder if you could have his scraps of wood.wood-p

2.  Chop it into 6 in chunks. 

3.  Sand the block of wood.

4. Lay your wood on a piece of scrap book paper and trace it.

5.  Cut it out.

6.  Mod Podge the paper on. 

7.  Sand the edges.

8. Apply vinyl lettering…   Cut vinyl out that says ‘Merry Christmas’

9.  Wrap in clear wrapping paper (found at a craft store).  For the flower we used a fake flower and pulled it apart!  We took 3 of the layers and then stuck a cute brad through it! We then hot glued it to the wrapping paper!merry-christmas-block-post


These are a few ideas....try them out and let me know how they go....I'm sure there are lots fo you who are pretty crafty..and kids would love to make the candy blocks..great Grandparent Gift.

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