How to choose the best location when narrowing down your home search

There are several factors that may influence your decision on where to live. See below for some important considerations when selecting the best area for your home search.

  1. Education - Homebuyers who have children will often look for a desirable school district. From private, charter, and magnet to public school, there are an array of options. Visit local area schools and check with your CENTURY 21 agent to verify where district boundaries are drawn. If you prefer private schools, make sure transportation is available within your search area.
  2. Staying power - Lasting home values are a concern for every homebuyer. Pay attention to the data on the local economy. The local rate of long-term employment, industry and neighborhood may affect your home's appreciation value in the years to come. Your agent can also provide you with information on home values in the local area.
  3. Safety - Check with the local police department for crime statistics. A neighborhood with high crime, high foreclosure rates, and vandalism are warning signs to prospective buyers.
  4. Proximity to work - An easy way to narrow down your search area is to limit the proximity to your work. Decide if you need public transportation or easy access to highways, and take into consideration the distance to your work if you commute.
  5. Location, location, location - Are parks, playgrounds, and restaurants within walking distance important to you? Perhaps you want more of a rural area. Understand what your desirable area entails to find your ideal location.

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