Interactive Maps.

I just had an opportunity this morning to check the new City of Peterborough's new inter active map system.
Truly awesome! The folks at the mapping department have done an excellent job on this latest mapping system. For you the Seller or Buyer it is a one stop map that has incredible details and the new satelitte ( 2011) site is extremely detailed.
You can check all points of interest, schools, bus routes even the day the garbage is picked up. For my commercial clients now we can check zoning, property dimensions, building location and more. Take a look today by going to and go to mapping and drop down to the new link.
 I am the first person to be crtical of " City Hall", but I must commend the Mapping Department for a job well done. I am on many municipal web sites all over southern Ontario on a regular basis and I have not seen anything like tis anywhere else.


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