MY Offers Been Accepted Now What??


When you make an offer on a new home and it is accepted, one of two things usually happens:




1) Buyer's Remorse: You've made an offer. It was accepted. You've almost bought your dream home. Then, later that night, or the next day, you start worrying. Did I make a good decision? Can I afford it? What if this happens? What if that happens? Anxiety and stress set in.




This is a very normal reaction. It is called buyer's remorse.




The best way to handle buyer's remorse is to take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. On one side, list all the positive things about buying this home. On the other side, list all of the negatives. You will come to realize that buying this home is a really good decision. I will be with you step by step to help answer any questions and concerns.




2) Shopping Spree: Buyers are frequently so excited about the new home that they go out and order new furniture, appliances, window treatments, and sometimes even a new car! This can create havoc with your credit and debt ratios that lenders look at to approve your loan. Sometimes excessive purchases can cause the lender to reduce the amount of your loan, placing your home purchase at risk. Your best strategy is to postpone additional shopping until after closing. Once you have moved in and are settled, you can start thinking about all the amenities and extras to make the new house your home.




If you have questions please ask, we are here to help and assist.


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