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Letter sent to Minister of Finance

Honourable Charles Sousa Ontario Minister of Finance 7th Floor- Frost Building South 7 Queen's Park Crescent Toronto, ON M7A 1Y7 RE: Proposed Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2014 Dear Minister: I am writing today to express my support for the Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2014 introduced by Prince Edward--Hastings MPP Todd Smith. If passed, this bill will allow real estate salespeople to ...
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Peterborough Housing Market Statistics Jan 1 - Mar 31/14

Peterborough Market Stats** January 1st — March 31st, 2014   Total active listings 1,806 (down 315 from this time last year) Sales to date: 372 (down 34 from this time last year) Average sale price: $261,645 (down -0.57 % from this time last year) List to sale ratio 96% (homes, on average, sold at 96% of listing price) Average time on market: 68 days Percentage of listings ...

My First Month

Well it's been a month since I started this new career with Century 21 United Realty Peterborough.  Lots of things to do and learn.  Had my first listing, first showing and my first listing presentation.  You might read this and say "oh no, he is new.  I want someone with 20 years experience".  Don't be put off by my lack of experience because my many years of experience ...


  1-Jan-2014 TO 31-Mar-2014   RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL MULTIFAMILY FARM TOTALS ACTIVE 849 143 10 22 1024 SOLD 465 22 8 5 500 CONDITIONAL 75 4 5 2 86 EXPIRED 308 86 5 5 404 CANCELLED 132 21 2 2 157 WITHDRAWN 31 3 1 1 36   TOTALS 1860 279 31 37 2207 It's Your Career - I'm Here To Support YOU!, Constantine ...

Peterborough Parkway

Thanks to the Wednesday March 26/14 edition of the Peterborough Examiner and their article on the ESA for the proposed Parkway they have enclosed the link to the ESA. It showes the detailed analysis from Clonsilla Ave to Cumberland Ave. You can log on to the Examiner's home page click on the article on the opposition to the ESA and scroll down to the link. You can also log on to this link. ...

Listing Status Report February 2014

1-Feb-2014 TO 28-Feb-2014   RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL MULTIFAMILY FARM TOTALS ACTIVE 231 31 4 3 269 SOLD 146 7 1 1 155 CONDITIONAL 18 1 1 1 21 EXPIRED 59 14 0 0 73 CANCELLED 38 7 0 0 45 WITHDRAWN 6 1 1 1 9   TOTALS 498 61 7 6 572 It's Your Career - I'm Here To Support YOU!, Constantine Isslamow Broker ...

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

   Tragically there were three more deaths on the weekend from Carbon Monoxide poisoning!.    The province of Ontario just passed the Hawkins-Gignac act making it mandatory for Carbon    Monoxide Detectors for any building with a carbon fired heating unit ( Gas, Propane or Oil)   or an attached garage. This was in memory of the Hawkins family who were ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Paddy's Day hope you find a pot of GOLD at the end of your Rainbow

Cottage Life In The Beautiful Kawarthas

We invite you to discover the beauty of Buckhorn and its surrounding area, there are few places in Canada as visually stunning as the Kawartha Lakes area with open spaces, waterways and an abundance of birds and wildlife, with many unusual geographical features. The Buckhorn area is rich in culture with its many art galleries, antique stores and flea markets with hundreds of world class cultural ...

Cottage Life Show March 28th - 30th 2014

Now that we are starting to get a little taste of warmer weather vs our frigid temperatures we have been enduring for the last few months, it's time to start thinking about Cottage Season.  Those who aren't familiar with Cottage Season; that is the time from when the snow melts until things begin to freeze again.  Some might refer to it as Spring, Summer and Fall. At the end of every March ...