Property Moguls Wanted in Realopolis

CENTURY 21 Canada has launched a fun, free online game designed to help you learn more about real estate investing.

The unique game was developed to mirror many of the situations of the real world. From deciding which mortgage to go with, or which contractors to use, to figuring out whether or not to report a suspicious neighbor - the events reflect possible situations that players may experience in their daily lives.

As a property owner, you’ll have to make some big decisions that can affect the value of your properties. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Your success as a Property Mogul in this new game will depend on how well you manage the situations that are thrown at you and juggle the limited budget you’re given.

Property Mogul exists in a fictional city, Realopolis, which is made up of unique neighbourhoods, each with its own characteristics including landscape, properties and services. You will be given one property and $1million of virtual cash to start. Through buying, selling and property management of both residential and commercial properties, you will gain awards towards Mogul status.

You can also compete with other players and your friends on Facebook to gain leaderboard rankings and share your achievements through various social media channels. To play Property Mogul for free,

Once you sign up for the game, you’ll be assigned a CENTURY 21 agent avatar, which is a virtual representation of an existing real life agent from a local CENTURY 21 office. The CENTURY 21 agent avatar will accompany you through your journey of becoming a Property Mogul.

Property Mogul was jointly developed by CENTURY 21 Canada and Engaging Communications and 3RDSense.

Come join us in Realopolis and see if you’re the next property mogul.


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