Roland's Steakhouse Rocks!

I remember loving Saturday nights as a child because it often meant my parents were going out for the night and we were getting a babysitter.  My parents are great but the sitter was always some young teenage girl that I thought was pretty cool.  My brother David and I would eat salt and vinegar chips (the kind that used to come in a cardboard box with two skinny bags in them) and watch the Love Boat and I would usually get to stay up later and watch Fantasy Island.  Sorry David, you had to go to bed.  Good times.  The place I remember my parents going the most often was Roland's Steakhouse.  My brother David used to say "are you going to "Roman's" again?".  That is still a family joke to this day.  Apparently it was quite the hangout where my mom and dad would see all of their friends, have some dinner and hit the dance floor. 

It was my mom's birthday over the weekend so we decided to get together and go to Roland's for dinner.  The owners, Brigitte and Peter Brugger and staff made it a fantastic night.  The food was amazing, as usual.  The staff go above and beyond to make sure your experience is superb.  We can always count on running into some people we know there which is nice.  Thanks again Brigitte and Peter!  We'll see you again soon.  Happy Birthday Mom!!


Brigitte and my dad (Carl Oake):




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