Happy Fall Everyone!Just an update on what's happening in Peterborough this past month.According to MLS Statistic's 546 Properties were listed in the Peterborough And The Kawarthas Association Of REALTORS in August 2011. In August 2010, 536 were listed, 2009, 500 properties. This represents a 2% increase of new listings comparing this year from last year.278 properties sold in the month of August 2011. In August of 2010, 245 properties sold and in 2009, 292 properties sold. This represents a 13% increase in properties sold this year compared to last year for the month of August. Year to date there has been 2036 sales, compared to 2189 in 2010 and 2009, 1946. This represents -7% in sales on the year.Average sale price for 2011 is $256,678 compared to $246,074 in 2010 an overall appreciation of 4.3%.Wrap your head around all that isn't Real Estate fabulous.

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