Scheduled Public Review Of 'Active Forms of Transportation' in the City of Peterborough

On Wednesday January 30, 2013 the City of Peterborough will be hosting a meeting at the Peterborough Public Library (located at 345 Aylmer St. North) regarding the review of By-Laws that regulate 'Active Forms of Transportation'.  They will present the 'draft recommendations' for these By-Laws to the public for feedback in order to prepare their final recommendations for City Council.

The by-laws that are being reviewed deal with requirements for bicycles licenses, vehicles not permited on public land, and specific traffic by-laws.  It is important that our by-laws reflect our many alternate modes of transportation, as Peterborough is a community that does not soley depend on motorized vehichles. 

On the City of Peterborough's website they have posted display boards for this review.  They have also provided a public survey regarding the options.  Below are the links for both. 

City of Peterborough Website: News regarding the meeting. 

Click on the link below to direct you to the City of Peterborough News page.  Within that page there will be a link to review the meeting boards.

City of Peterborough: Survey regarding Review


If you care to share your thoughts here as well, please feel free to post them below.

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