Something Fun For The Whole Family | Snow Graffiti

I don’t know about you, but it feels like winter has come a little earlier this season than in years past. You might be temped

 to hunker down inside while the transition to winter progresses, but remember that with the snow comes new activities. This week, instead of suggesting a place in Peterborough to go, I would like to suggest staying in your own yard and trying a new activity.

Have you ever heard of snow graffiti? All you need is a spray bottle, water and any kind of food colouring. The possibilities are endless. You can paint a snowman or write a message in the snow. If you’re looking for creative gift ideas, you could write a Christmas message in the snow and take a picture of it, frame the picture and give it as a gift. Whatever you do,

I’m sure your family will have a blast.

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