Television Comes to Peterborough

CHEX TV. went on the air Saturday March 25/1955, with the main feature Hockey Night in Canada ( last 2 periods ) called by Foster Hewitt. Don Laurie has written a terrific article in last Saturday's Peterborough Examiner about the early days of CHEX TV.
 Don was the first general manager of CHEX TV.and recalls in the article how Senator Rupert Davies and the general manager of the Examiner H. L.Garner and his staff had taken three car loads of Peterborough Businessmen to Ottawa to lobby for a T.V. station in town. They were succeeded and plans were made to start the station.
 In the article Mr Lawrie mentioned the architects Craig and Zeidler and the builder Charles Huffman ( my father ). I can remember on hot August day my father had come home for lunch and asked me if I wanted to go for a drive, naturally I said yes as he had just purchased a new Buick from Duffus Motors We stopped at the Examiner Building and picked up H.L. Garner the General Manager. We then proceeded to drive to end of what is now Television Road, climbed over the fence and up the steep hill. We the looked over the property to see were the New Television station would be built.
 Thanks for brining back lots of memories Don!

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