Top 4 Reasons to List Before the End of December

  1. Buyers who are active at this time of year are MUCH more serious. If they're willing to take time from an already hectic schedule to look at homes, you just know that they're serious!
  2. There's less competition right now. Less competition coupled with more serious buyers means higher prices. That's better for the client, and better for you!
  3. Houses simply show better during this season. Home-owners typically have more company around (so they're already neat and tidy!), they're often decorated nicely, and as a result they just look great to prospective buyers.
  4. It's an emotional time of year for many people. Buying a house is an emotional ride as well - coupling the two emotional states often means an easier sale.*

If you or someone you know is considering making a move, I would be happy to help! Call or visit my Website to see how I'm the right agent to help you in your next real estate decision.

*Thanks to Doug Lytle for this information.

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