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As reported in the February 1st / 2014 issue of the Peterborough Examiner it appears that the Peterborough Economic Development Corporation's Tourist Bureau will not be staying at it's current location. The Gary King, CAO
of Peterborough County has raised concerns about current costs of $ 81,000 per year with no rental costs which will rise to $ 217,000 in 2017.
The Peterborough Economic Development chairman, Tom Sayers said there are only 10,000 visitors a year, so they will be making a move to another location. When the Tourist Bureau was built in 2007, there were great plans for a Hotel/ convention center then a few years ago Lowes was considering the location, before the company changed it's expansion program.
There were some great comments in the Examiner about were The Tourist Bureau should relocate or if it should even exist. Your Comments!


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