Unique Planter Ideas.

With spring on the way I am sure all you gardeners are eager to get started, here some planter ideas to think about.


No matter if your idea is an extreme piece like this VW bug laid to rest but still radiating flower power or something as simple as a broken flower pot, if it is well thought out it can look amazing.


One of my favorites is combining practicality with looks… endless possibilities with hanging tomatoes or strawberries. Fresh every day and on your deck, no tilling the beds and staking them and far less insects eating your produce. I also found this method much better for getting the kids involved with continued interest throughout the season.


Your planters ideas are only limited by your imagination, they can be as artistic or whimsical as you want them to be.


Bicycle planters are classic but in my opinion are common place and mass produced and sold almost everywhere.


Nothing fancy but this colander planter would be quick and have great drainage.


Tire planters could have a blog of their own, once again unlimited possibilities, tough and last for ever.


Stumps, driftwood and other logs. The example(left) is probably the quickest to produce(find a hollow log cut to size with chain saw, attach some screen to the bottom and you’re done), I seen many made similar with older stumps(no cut on the top to preserve realistic rustic look) complete with growing moss.


Container gardening is great for those with limited space.. THE MORE UNIQUE THE CONTAINER THE BETTER


Many old recycled items can make awesome planters. Keep placement in mind. Would the boots not look really cool in a garden appearing as if left behind on a hot summer day.


I really like the “sideways” effect shown in spilt milk can example, another idea is to use broken clay pots and have the plants grow as if they continued to grow after it hit the ground.

This bible has not been read in a while.


Great idea for a waterfront home.


Nice bath tub planter.. but once again placement is more then half of the effect… would this not be cool in a country setting perhaps by a old well handle.


Carts of all kinds make really good platers, I like when it looks like time has taken them over.

Feel free to contact me if you have any good ideas for planters or have any questions.

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