Using Paint Colour to Improve your Resale Value

According to a 2011 survey by HomeGain, interior painting has an approximately 109% ROI when selling a home.

Neutralizing walls with strong colours can help to create a blank canvas opening up the buyers imagination and allowing them to better see their style in the home.  Neutral doesn't always mean white.  Subtle colour can enhance a room's features.  Some examples from Benjamin Moore are:


Neutral Colours from Benjamin Moore


Wallpaper can be a vary personal choice and may not appeal to as many buyers.  Consider replacing it with a modern paint colour.  Lower sheen products can help hide imperfections in walls and ceilings.  Some good options for modernizing from Benjamin Moore are:

Modern colours from Benjamin Moore

The top 2 DIY improvements by ROI indicated on the survey were 1) Clean and Declutter (586% ROI) and 2) Lighten and Brighten (313% ROI).  Light, clean, and organized spaces appear larger and more expansive.  Painting the moldings the same colour as the walls can give the appearance of higher ceilings. Some light, clean paint colours from Benjamin Moore are:

Light & Clean from Benjamin Moore

Trends in interior colour change every year but a light, consistent and neutral pallette will generally appeal to the broadest number of buyers and can be a quick and very cost effective improvement when considering selling that will yield a great return and help with a faster Sale.  

See below for average ROIs generate from other DIY improvement areas.

HomeGain 2011 DIY ROI Survey



Survey results do not guarentee ROI's and are suggested as a basis of comparison only.   

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