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As the new year approaches and I get closer to those mid life years I have decided I needed to start acting my age and ensure I get the required daily servings of veggies which I have more than disliked my entire life.

My first step was choosing suitable hardware I went with the #Ninja Ultra Kitchen System which includes the full size power blender, Nutri Ninja and the mixer attachment. After some research and waiting for Boxing Day I got it for $159 before taxes. I have not put it through heavy use or abuse yet but so far it's the best blender I have owned by far. 







Step two was researching the most important part of how to get regular servings of vegetables into me in away that I would enjoy. I focused on ingredients and recipes that would be the most efficient and easy to prepare while giving the most nutrition per drink. This chart by #Vitamix is a great general guide.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of recipes with pictures and detailed instructions for everything from pre packing and freezing portions to how to make the most antioxidants, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax, quinoa, etc.
I will be saving the best recipes and ideas I find to a Pinterest board listed below.


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