Why photos are so important when selling and what to remember when choosing the shots

The first impression no longer starts at your front door. Instead, the majority of today’s potential homebuyers begin their property search online. The online photos of your property need to stand out among the competition and engage a prospective homebuyer enough to entice them to schedule a viewing with your REALTOR®. Here are some photo tips to remember when showcasing your home online.

  1. Judge a book by its cover. What initially attracts a potential homebuyer is the exterior image of the property. The image should be appealing, and the best time of day to photograph an outdoor area is early morning and twilight. Evening outdoor shots should feature the home with the interior lights on, creating an inviting and alluring effect. Remember, try and photograph during months when there is outdoor vegetation and lush landscape.
  2. Capture your best quality. Focus on the selling point of your property. What do you most want potential buyers to see? Consult with your REALTOR® and decide what feature of your home is the most in-demand. Whether it is your newly renovated kitchen or sprawling outdoor area, the image should be prominently featured in your online listing.
  3. The same rules apply. When potential buyers visit your property, regardless if it is a classic cottage or opulent estate, it should be clean, neat, and organized. These same rules pertain when photographing a property. Eliminate any clutter and present a clean, well-maintained home that will attract online homebuyers.
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