How many sales reps should I interview before selecting one to work with? What are some good questions to ask them?


This is an interesting question because we know from the stats that were just released this year that 70-75% of all consumers, whether they were buying or selling real estate, interviewed only one REALTOR during the decision making process. So, the question becomes, should you interview others as well?

The answer to that is, it depends. You may already know of a REALTOR through family members, friends or coworkers that you’ve heard great things about. And while that can be a sure way to team up with someone who will serve you well, what worked for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Use the information you have to determine whether you already have someone on your radar, and if not or you’re unsure, contact others.

Whether you’re interviewing an individual referred to you by a trusted source and/or others you’ve sought out on your own, the right questions will go a long way.

For example:

  • Why should I choose to work with you?
  • Why should I choose to work with your office?
  • How do you market/advertise?

Those are all undoubtedly important questions. But your decision should also be, in large part, based on a sense of comfort. It’s hard to nail down a list of questions that will leave you with a sense of whether a particular person is a good fit for your needs, but having a down to earth and open conversation with someone will go a long way in telling you whether that person will have your best interests at heart or not.

Ultimately you should trust your gut. Like they say, past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. When it comes to referrals from a trusted source, they can be invaluable, but it shouldn’t take away your ability to ask the necessary questions, whether you’re interviewing one individual, or multiple.

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