The One that Got Away...

Lately, I've encountered many buyers who are waffling on a purchase.   As our mid Vancouver Island market gains momentum and many properties are getting multiple offers as soon as they get listed, I believe some buyers will find that they've waited too long and prices are higher than what they want to pay.  One reason that I believe buyers are often hesitant is because they've seen a particular property they liked, it sold, and they missed out.  And every other property they see after that is compared to the "one that got away".  Furthermore, many of these missed properties were likely not perfect but since the buyer did not look closely at it, possibly only saw it online, they didn't have the chance to scrutinize it.  Therefore it becomes better in their imagination that it really was.  If you are looking to buy a property, don't succumb to this problematic way of thinking.

Val Irwin

Val Irwin

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