Declutterning your home and why you should before listing

Your home may be in good condition and well built, yet simple clutter will create a perception of chaos, confusion, and disorder. When buyers see clutter, they assume that the home has been neglected, with more to fix than meets the eye. This perception undermines your home's market value.

De-cluttering is an essential part of your preparation, and is virtually cost free. Before you put your home on the market, have a garage sale, throw some things out, and box stuff up. When it comes to selling your home, less is truly more.

  1. Entry
    • The buyers' first impression is critical, and shapes their attitude throughout the showing.  
    • Pay close attention to your front door. Is it dirty, darkened by mildew, or in need of re-finishing? Fresh paint or stain will make a huge difference.  
    • The foyer should be clear of shoes, coats, or excess items on the walls.
    • Create a single focal point in the entry with an attractive table or painting.
  2. Living Areas
    • Rooms should be sparsely furnished to appear larger and lighter.  Declutter belongings to a few decorative items.
    • Do not allow furniture to block windows, doorways, or traffic patterns through rooms.
    • Open window blinds and leave on a few lamps for pleasant lighting.
  3. Kitchen
    • The kitchen is the heart of the home and plays an important part in attracting the heart of a buyer. This is an active area that usually needs special attention.
    • Remove purely functional items - such as baking pans, small appliances, vitamins, phone books, plastic bags, etc.
    • Do not have notes or photos on the refrigerator.
    • Clear the counters and table completely, then add back a few decorator pieces that contribute to a warm, organized look such as flowers, fruit, cookbooks, wine, bowls, small designer appliances, etc.
  4. Bathrooms
    • It is important to de-clutter bathrooms to give them a touch of elegance or romance.
    • Start by removing everything from the counters, bathtubs and floors, and then decorate with fresh soaps, flowers or designer bath items in a specific color scheme.
    • Invest in new towels and display them.
  5. Bedrooms
    • Bedrooms should appear restful and serene. Sparsely furnished is best.
    • Use your best covers and make sure your bed is made and clothes are put away.
    • Clear off night tables and dressers and add back just a few books or nice items.
    • Bedside lamps add a warm ambiance.
    • Children’s bedrooms usually need to be simplified. Take down posters and box up toys. Avoid an overcrowded look.
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