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The “about me” blog, every realtors favourite topic…. me me me! Writing about myself initially seemed to be an easy task, however has become a daunting, somewhat of an eye opening endeavour.  Some realtors will tell you that they are hardworking, diligent, thoughtful and truly engaged but these characteristic should be obvious and actions always speak louder than words, so here is a bit about my background and how it will help you buy or sell your home in south west Edmonton.


My first exposure to real estate was eight years ago, in 2008, selling condos in downtown Edmonton. As a rookie in the industry I was nervous. However, most of my clients felt the same. It was then I figured out how to work with buyers and answer the questions they had, but were afraid to ask.  My experience representing a builder helped me to realize that no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. And from that point, I have always said that my business is homes but my passion is people.


My next step was to be come a licenced realtor in late 2008.  I chose to work primarily in the south and southwest end of the city as that is where I grew up and where I reside now.  I have learned that in order to best serve my clients I needed to focus my energy on communities I was passionate about, on neighbourhoods where I resided and areas I would lay my own roots in. My drive for knowledge in these districts organically led me to become an area specialist as well as someone who works primarily with newer homes/builders.


Hmmm…the truth is I never thought to compare myself with other agents, as I do not consider them my competition.  My focus was never to out rank the other guy, but to truly provide a service that would change the conversation and create a new perception of what it means to hire and trust a realtor.


I firmly believe that anything worth having must be earned.  I do not deserve your business, but I am willing to earn it though demonstrating superior knowledge of southwest Edmonton and my sincere interest in your future.

“Ask not what you can do for your realtor, but what your realtor can do for you.”  (I may have adjusted this quote a bit)

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