Birthday Project! - Supporting Our Local Community

A special story we wanted to share...

A few months ago we were listening to 102.3 Now! Radio and heard a very special call. Janna called in and was sharing her amazing story of giving back to our local community by providing birthday gifts to children who are currently living at the Wings of Providence Women's Shelter here in Edmonton, and may not otherwise get a birthday gift. We immediately contacted Now Radio to try and reach Janna. When we did her story was heartwarming. ...

For the last 6 years Janna and her family have taken on this initiative, and the financial responsibility of providing a birthday gift to each and every child staying at the shelter. When we heard Janna's story, it simply touched us and we at Century 21 Vantage had to help.

Over the past few months our office has been working closely with Janna coming up with ideas and solutions to provide not just a birthday gift for the children at Wings of Providence, but a little bit more, as well hoping to help alleviate some of the financial responsibility on Janna's family.

Of course in order to offer more to the children, financially Janna would need to spend more, this is where our wonderful agents and staff have come together whole heartedly to make a continuous quarterly donation to Janna to help her provide more to these children on their birthdays.

Initially Janna was providing one gift to the children, based on their age (Picture 1). With our donations she is now able to offer not only a birthday gift, but much more (Picture 2).
Janna can now not only provide a birthday gift but a backpack, a birthday cake and icing, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a journal or coloring book and a pencil and pen. We are so excited to support such a wonderful local initiative and we only hope that we can continue to support Janna and Wings of Providence for years to come.

A huge thank you goes out to Janna for all her hard work, and of course a huge thank you to our agents, staff and broker at both our Edmonton and Stony Plain offices for stepping up to help financially. Together we are helping brighten a child's day, in what may seem like a very dark world.

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