Decorating tricks used by Home Stagers!

With the help of my home stager Michaela I have developed a list of excellent home staging/decorating tips that I would like to share with you.

Designers follow some simple rules in order to decorate and balance space. Every room should have a focal point.

In this room the large yellow painting pulls the eye creating the focal point. Colours are co-ordinated utilizing the complimentary coulour scheme yellow/red. Complimetary coulours are neighbors on the colour wheel. Other examples of complimentary colours would be blue/green or green/yellow. White, Black and Grey are neutrals and can be used repetitiously throughout any room to maintain unity and balance. Notice how Michaela has used white repetitively throughout the room. The eye bounces from the white in the painting to the white table, next to the white fireplace and last to the white china on the island. The red crab apples appear even more vibrant against the back drop of its' complimentary counterpart and complete the visual journey so that the entire room is expored.

I use home staging in all of my homes and have found buyers respond favorably to these insider tricks. If anyone you know may be selling their home in the next 12 months and would be interested in receiving a copy of these home-staging tips, please invite them to contact me.  I would be happy to assist them.

Warm regards,

Laureen Espinoza, REALTOR®

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