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Volume 5 February 25, 2014

 The Dreamteam has exciting news! Some of you may be aware that we (ha) are expecting a new addition to our team! Leslee and Jerad are expecting their first child to arrive at the beginning of April! The baby member of our team will not be working with us per say, but you can expect him/her to be in the background with mama Leslee! So, you may not see them out and about as often as you would like for the next little while, they are still a crucial part of the Dreamteam. It is a very exciting time for Leslee and Jerad- and let’s be honest Aunty Kristi too! We are prepared for this transition and grateful for what’s to come!

Some interesting news about our industry as a whole (Alberta) has been making some changes. They (The Alberta Real Estate Association) apparently will be rolling out a campaign to let consumers know the changes starting in May to know what to expect in July 2014. We like our clients, family and friends to have a heads up:

At the beginning of February the Alberta Real Estate Association along with Real Estate Council of Alberta changed our “service agreement” forms to be written in plain language. This has made them easier to read, and understand. The big change is buyer clients across Alberta will be under contract with Realtors just as sellers have always been when they listed their home. The buyer contract that Leslee and I will be using/have started using is called “Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement”. We have been preparing for this transition for a while, introducing it to our buyer clients. We are slowly implementing the change so we are ready for when it becomes mandatory in July. It is a contract that has been implemented to outline clearly our duties to you as our clients, and the commitment we have working together. The other part of the contract that we like is that it clearly explains how our fee is paid while we work with buyers. It clearly states the responsibilities we owe to our clients and our expectations of our clients. As professionals Leslee and I have always tried to make it very clear how we act in our client’s best interest, now with this new legislation we, along with all other Realtors across Alberta will be contractually obligated to it!

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about the new contracts. As in any area of our lives where we are making big changes there are sometimes growing pains. Please be comfortable in the fact that we still take great pride in dealing with our clients with the utmost professionalism.

And without further adieu here are the stats! Because it’s so late in the month, we’ve decided to post month to date stats:

 REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

MLS® Daily MTD Activity
for February 2014



Sold Units

Average Sold

New Listings

Active Listings

Single Family(House)





Single Family(Condo)





























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