Real Estate and Baby Boomer Women: Going Through a 'Change'



As I write my first entry on my "Century 21 blog", I'm preparing for my first appearance at the November 2, 2013 "Fabulous at 50 Experience & Martini Party"  as a trade show participant at the event's infamous trade show and the timing couldn't be better.

  What better way to get my head around how and what I can provide now as a Realtor® to other Baby Boomer Women than to share and use some of my own life experiences when it comes to purchasing and/or selling a home for reasons that may be common to them.   I have (and still am) going through the 'real estate change'.

In my late 30's, divorced and a mother to a young daughter, I bought my first home (the 'First Time Buyer') that served us both well for many years.  Fast forward the clock to my mid-forties.  I remarry and my husband moves into 'my' house.  He tries very hard to make it his house too but being a 'west-end' guy, the south side of the city was strange for him  - even stranger was that it was my house that I had bought and paid for.  Time to find 'our' home.  Within five years, we moved to what we thought was to be our final home (the 'Move-Up Buyers')  - a beautiful home on almost 4 acres of land west of the city - acreage living at its best - or so we thought.   We truly enjoyed the rural living but found ourselves making more and more trips to the city.  Both of our Moms still lived in the city and both lived alone so many trips were made to help out with doctor appointments, yard and house maintenance work and other activities for and with them.  

Now into my 50's, priorities were starting to change.  Winters were starting to get to the both of us as we longed for our regular two week vacation to some place tropical within a week after returning from a trip.  The idea of living some place 'warm and sunny' during the horrid Alberta winters was becoming more and more appealing.  One way to meet that goal was to find a less expensive and probably smaller home back in the city (the 'Move-Down' Buyers') which would also allow us to be closer to our parents to assist them when they needed us.  Back to the city we moved.

As a Baby Boomer Woman, I am very fortunate to still have my Mom in my life but things are changing for her too.  She is as active as she can be and as sharp as she was when I was young but age creeps up on the best of us and so do a few health issues.  She has decided it is time to move from the home my parents bought together which is a big decision and a scary one.  Does she buy something smaller? a condo? or does she rent?  And what about all her possessions?  I am here now to help her, calm her and assist her in finding the best possible solution for her.

You may be considering selling the family home, buying your 'own' home, buying rental property, moving to a senior community or moving 'south' to enjoy either part time or full time retirement.  As Baby Boomer Women, some (or more than some) of you may also be entering or going through the 'real estate change'.

Please stop by my booth at the "Fabulous at 50 Experience & Martini Party" to discuss your needs should you also be going through the 'real estate change'!  

Looking forward to meeting you!!



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