Top Four Items to Help Sell Your Home.

I've been a real estate agent for almost five years now and there are a few things I have learned and seen work time and time again to help sell homes. I have decided to share them with you now!

1. Cleaning. Having your home cleaned from top to bottom will make a world of difference. When buyers come in they are looking for something that is neat and clean that they can picture their own belongings in. If you have animal hair or stains on the carpet this will make it harder for them to imagine their future in your home. Lingering smells are the worst!

2. PAINTING! Putting a fresh coat of paint through out your home brightens everything and just makes it look so much nicer. Especially high traffic areas like home entrances and stairways. Those little Knicks and dings don't seem like a big deal but to the critical eyes of buyers they certainly can be. With a fresh coat of pain suddenly that stairway is smooth, bright and clean!

3. De-cluttering/depersonalizing. It can be very hard for sellers to hear REALTOR®'s and Home Stagers ask them to take down their pictures or clear out a room but it really is in the sellers best interest. Clutter makes homes look smaller. To many boxes or items on a counter or stacked in a room prevent buyers from being able to see the true size of a home. Additionally having tons of family pictures or personalized art can distract the buyers from being able to picture their own family in the home.

4. Make all rooms accessible to buyers. If rooms are locked or garages are not accessible this creates wonder and doubt. One of the last things you want is for Buyers to think you are hiding something from them. 

Those are my top four items I tell all my sellers that are getting ready to list their homes. If you are thinking of selling your home just remember you want your home to be in top shape to get the top dollar. Contact me today for a free market analysis on your home or if you have any questions!


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