Live Clutter Free And Be Ready To Sell.

After living in your home for many years, you collect a lot of stuff.  Stuff you don't need, stuff that takes up space, stuff you don't even use.  A big challenge to many of my sellers is decluttering before they sell.  It can and will slow down the process of getting your home on the market.  What if you don't have that time and need to sell quickly?  Even if time is not a factor, wouldn't it be great if decluttering was one less thing on your lengthly do to list?

It may seem like a large task at first, but if done regularly, your decluttering will become quick, easy and stress free. Go through your closets, storage rooms, basement, crawl space, garage, shed and make three piles.  One to keep, one to sell or donate, one to throw away.  Once you have your throw away pile, get rid of it ASAP.  Put it in your vehicle and take it to the dump and/or eco centre.  If it's too much to take care of yourself, hire a professional junk removal company.  With the sell/donate pile, weather permitting, have a garage sale that weekend.  Whatever doesn't sell is not allowed back into your house.  It must go directly to the donation centre of your choice.  The pile that you keep must be kept clean and organized.  Pick up some plastic bins with your garage sale money and keep your belongings stored in an organized and properly labeled fashion.  If you haven't used these items by the time you do your next clean out, consider putting them in the sell/donate pile.

Now, what about the clutter in your living areas.  Do you have shelves full of stuff?  Ornaments?  Decor?  Freeing yourself of clutter can really help clear your mind and improve your focus.  A more open area can really benefit you and how you feel in your home.  Consider putting extra decor and room clutter in your garage sale.  Less items in your space can really allow you to focus on the things you have that are really important to you.  "Surrounding yourself with items you love and displaying only the items most valuable to you will make you feel happier. You won’t have to search through lots of items that you don’t like. Favorite items won’t get lost at the back of the cupboard or the bottom of the drawer.  As you begin to detach from material possessions and place more importance on experiences rather than things, you will sense a feeling of lightness and freedom, which can become addictive." - Mel Johnson, founder of Bestselfology.  Follow this regularly and you will find yourself with more time, freedom, and comfort.  When it comes time to sell your home, instead of boxes and shelves of stuff to go through, your home will be clean, well presented and ready to show!

Stay tuned for more useful real estate information in my next blog.

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