Buying A House. Does Vaastu Matter?

Its everyone's dream to own a house at some point in time and end of the day, it’s also likely to be considered as an investment of a life time, that could not only be beneficial to us both but also to our children. While achieving something as such with regards to buying a property is one side of the story, the other vital 'dream' is to obtain what's otherwise known as a good life. To achieve the same that's associated with your property, one of the things to look up on priority is “Vastu” which is purely recommended for well being. Despite the fact that we think Vastu as something that has emerged in recent times, the well-being resolution dates back to ages. Backed by its popularity, the utilization of Vastu in homes/properties has been followed with a prime objective to attain well-being on the long run.

To all those who are still wondering what this word 'Vastu' means, it is nothing but the science of construction and practices of architecture defined by legends. A religious dogma on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings is another precise definition of Vastu. According to Vastu Sastra, the world comprises five basic elements known as the "pancha maha bhoota". It has been narrated that by legends that out of the 9 planets that exist in our solar system, the Earth is the sole planet that's said to comprise life due to the presence of these pancha maha bhoota . Further the very balanced existence of the same is believed to drive the existence of life on our planet.

The five elements (Pancha maha bhoota)

  • Earth( Bhoomi): Its considered to be magnetic and gravitational force whose effect falls on all living and non living things in our planet.
  • Water(Jal): Serves as the basic for all life forms on the mother Earth
  • Air(Vayu): Known otherwise as the element of life
  • Fire (Agni): Represents light and heat which is responsible for the day, night, change of seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion and vigor.
  • Space(Akasha): provides shelter to all the above elements
  • There is an invisible and eternal relation between all the five elements and our existence on Earth. Thus our personal life and happiness, all of which are someway associated and influenced by Vastu. The conditions of life can be controlled to an extent by properly understanding the influence of the five natural elements and accordingly purchasing your home. There are a number of Vastu Sastra techniques that could be quite challenging to cope up with on a day to day life however here are few areas and respective Vastu tips that could bring about a major change in your way of life.
    Vastu that’s to be followed in your Kitchen:
    • South-east is said to be the most auspicious kitchen setting. An alternative choice can be a North-west alignment.
    • Do bear in mind that you shall not align your kitchen to the South-West, Center and North-East corner.

    Vastu to be followed in your Pooja room:

    • A pooja room facing North-East will shower you with prosperity, health and happiness
    • Further auspicious could be the Pooja Room if located facing East.
    •  Your Bedroom set up by Vastu:

      • It is propitious to have the master bedroom facing South and other bedrooms facing east or North of the master bedroom.
      Staircase constructed by Vastu:

      • External staircase should be in the South-West direction.
      • It is not advisable to build the staircase in the North-East, as this will block the morning rays of the sun.
      • Avoid internal staircase in the corners or center of the house.
      Location of Bathroom by Vastu:

    • According to experts, the most appropriate location for a bathroom is East
    • The toilet should be in the West or North-West, failing of which will lead to health and menstrual problems.
    • Vastu Purusha Mandala:

      Vastu purusha mandala is an imperative part of Vastu Sastra that comprises of mathematical and diagrammatic basis, all serving the purpose to generate a full-fledged Vastu design. It is believed that vastu purusha mandala is the metaphysical design of a building, which incorporates the cosmic energy and supernatural energy.

      The Vastu Purusha Mandala is nothing but a pattern in which 9 most recognized godly forms of the rich Hindu culture are placed in distinct directions and how something as such came into being. Well, to light it up further there's a story that proves how the pattern was formed. It is believed that centuries ago, a formless-being descended upon Earth and blocked the entry to heaven from the home planet. Having come across this major obstacle, Brahma-the creator coupled with 8 other gods came down and trapped the formless-being from all four directions, forming a square. More so, all the 9 gods took up different positions to trap the problem creator on all four sides and this is how the 9 gods are spread across what's known as Vastu Purusha Mandala. Here's a detailed description as to who are those gods located in every direction forming the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

      The North was captured by Kubera - the God of wealth. South was taken over by god of death or Yama. East by god of solar deity or sun, namely Indra or Aditya, West is ruled by Varuna who happens to be the god of water. Likewise, Southeast was conquered by god of fire or Agni and Northeast was protected by Shiva. Northwest and southwest were taken over by Vayu and Niruthi/Pitru respectively. The centre position finally was under the supervision of the creator, Lord Brahma. That’s how the formation of the Vastu Purusha Mandala happened.

      Vastu Dosh (defect)

      If your house is lacks either of the Pancha Maha Bhootas, then it is called Vastu Dosh. There is nothing to worry, because this can be tackled by rearranging interiors objects. Every Vastu Dosh has a remedy and if followed properly, it may bring peace & prosperity. Here’s a list of solutions on the lines of Vastu Dosh.

      • Shri Ganesh Pooja
      • Navagrah , Shantipath & Agnihotra yagya
      • Following procedure known as Rudri every Monday & on days of Amavashya
      • Performance of Grah Shanti each year
      • Reciting “Om Namoh Bhagavati Vastu Devtay Namah" mantra every Tuesday morning for about 108 times
      • Seeking an astrologer’s advice

      ” Having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family and having both is a blessing”.

      These words indicate that a house is our abode of love where we expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We so expect all of these that we pray regularly to attain peace, happiness, prosperity, health & wealth from our day to day lives. Hence bearing all the above factors in mind, find out what needs to be taken care of before you buy your dream house, which could happen to be your ticket to regularize all your wishes in your lives. I personally believe that Vastu does matter a lot when purchasing a home of your choice. What do you think?

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